The Age of discontent

Ignorant secrets

Public schools and even some Religious organizations have started teaching history to fit there agenda.


The ignorant secret is all of history throughout time has been recorded with the same bent.


Some people are a lot smarter than others.


The ignorant secret? Turn off the power, close the Grocery store, and your living quarters  a tent.


Whose smarter now?


People protesting for their brand of government.


Ignorant secret? By their vote? No! Leaders and candidates along with crony business are paying these people to do this.


There is a great racial divide in America.


The ignorant secret? Government has been playing this theme forever. We who all have to survive and work together? Get along  better than one might think!

Hard to see from the ivory Tower.

Donald Trump is a Fraud.

Ignorant secret? All the candidates have so much history of fraud in government,

Trump has made a bunch of money and he’s not in jail.


I’ll go with that